Sodium Nitrite Food Additive

Sodium Nitrite Food Additive
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Yingfengyuan Industrial Group Limited is one of the leading China sodium nitrite food additive manufacturers and suppliers, equipped with professional factory, we are able to offer you best and cheap sodium nitrite food additive products.

other name: Sodium Nitrite food grade

HS CODE: 2834100000

CLASS: 5.1  


Molecular Formula:  NaNO2 

Molecule Weight:  69.0 

CAS NO.: 7632-00-0 

Appearance: White or light yellow Fine Crystal powder 

Sodium Nitrite Specification:




Best quality

First quality



Content of sodium nitrite

(calculated by dry base) %






Content of sodium nitrate

(calculated by dry base) %





 Content of chloride(NaCl)

(calculated by dry base) %




Content of insolubles in water(calculated by dry base) %





 Moisture    %





 Content of iron (Fe)  %



Apperance of product

White or light yellow Fine Crystal

Package and Trade mark

By woven PP bag out , and PE bag inner


Best Quality


Without Anticaking Agent

Property:  White  or a little buff fine crystal. The relative molecular weight is 69.0 and  density is 2.168. It’s no smell and a little saline taste, easy to be  deliquescence and to dissolve in water. The melting point is 271°C and  decomposition temperature is 320°C. It has the strong oxidizing property, as  well as reducing property. It can slowly oxidize into sodium nitrite in the  air, and will become diamino compound composed with ammonia under low  temperature.


(1)This product shall be stored in the place of ventilation and dry, avoiding dampened, heated and exposure under sunlight. (2)This product shall not be delivered or stored together with strong reducing agent, inflammable and detonatable substances, foods, feed, and additives. (3)This product is venomous. Please keep it safely. Don' t eat it by mistake.

Sodium Nitrite Food Additive

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