Sodium Nitrate Technical Grade

Sodium Nitrate Technical Grade
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Yingfengyuan Industrial Group Limited is one of the leading China sodium nitrate technical grade manufacturers and suppliers, equipped with professional factory, we are able to offer you best and cheap sodium nitrate technical grade products.

Sodium Nitrate NaNO3 Technical Grade

Detailed Product Sodium Nitrate Description
Sodium Nitrate for industry use  (NANO3)



Melting  point:271 °C

Decomposition  Temperature:380°C
Properties: It is white granular. It is easily  soluble in water and aqueous ammonia ; while it is slightly dissolved in  methanol, alcohol, and solvent ether. In addition, it shows strong hydroscopic  property.

Application: it is mostly used as fluxing agent, oxidant and to make the  enamel powder materials.Used for all kinds of glass industry and products of  decoloring agent, defoamer, clarifying agent and the oxidation of flux.

Packaging & Shipping:
25kg plastic woven bag, 50kgflexible freight bag, or upon clients'  demand with/without pallet.

1.Stored in the dry and ventilation place and  prevent rain and sunlight exposure. rained,heated .
2. Avoid mixing with organic compound or sulphur  or reducer during storage and transportation in case of explosion
3.Handle with care against friction and bounce  while handling and pile.
4.The fire caused sodium nitrate can be put out  by using lots of water.