Potassium Nitrate 99.4%

Potassium Nitrate 99.4%
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Yingfengyuan Industrial Group Limited is one of the leading China potassium nitrate 99.4% manufacturers and suppliers, equipped with professional factory, we are able to offer you best and cheap potassium nitrate 99.4% products.

99.4% fertilizer Potassium Nitrate price 
industrial grade, agriculture grade 
for fireworks/pyrotechnics 
25kg bags

Technical Specification


     Potassium Nitrate[KNO3]




     Chloride(AS CL-)


     Sulphate(AS SO42-)


Insoluble   Matter in Water






Mainly used in CRT glass, automotive glass  lamp and glass clarifier. Used as crops and flowers compound fertilizer and  foliar spray fertilizer. Used in fireworks to produce purple sparks. The raw  material of black powder such as mine powder, fuse and firecracker. Used to  produce potassium penicillin, rifampin and other drugs in pharmaceutical  industry. Used in cigarette paper production. Used as catalyst and dressing  agent. Used in the production of ceramic glaze in ceramic industry. Heat  treatment salt bath. Food grade potassium nitrat is used as color former and  preservative in food industry like bacon and luncheon me.

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