What Is The Application Field Of Potassium Nitrate?

  1. Used as analytical reagents and oxidants, also used in the synthesis of potassium salts and in the formulation of explosives.
    2, used in the food industry as a coloring agent, color protectant, anti-microbial agent, preservative, such as used for cured meat, anti-corrosion in lunch meat.
    3, is the manufacture of black gunpowder, such as mine gunpowder, fuse, firecrackers and other raw materials. Also used in fireworks to create a purple spark. Mechanical heat treatment as a quenching salt bath. The ceramic industry is used to make enamel color medicine. Used as a glass clarifier. Used in the manufacture of automotive lamp glass bulbs, optical glass tube glass bulbs, etc. The pharmaceutical industry is used to produce penicillin potassium salt, rifampicin. Used to make cigarette paper. Used as a catalyst. Mineral processing agent. Used as a compound fertilizer for crops and flowers.
    4. Potassium nitrate is also a coloring agent allowed in China. It acts as a color protection and bacteriostasis in the meat product due to the action of bacteria to reduce to potassium nitrite. The Chinese regulations can be applied to meat products, the maximum use amount is 0.5g/kg, and the residual amount should not exceed 0.03g/kg.
    5. Used in the manufacture of fireworks, matches, ceramic glazes, fertilizers, etc.
    6, industrial potassium nitrate is also widely used in the tempered glass production process.

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