Sodium Nitrite Dry Powder and Prilled

We are the sole manufacturer of PRILLED SODIUM NITRITE, SODIUM NITRATE DRY POWDER and SODIUM NITRITE DRY POWDER in shandong province. The annual output of PRILLED SODIUM NITRITE is 30000MT, for SODIUM NITRATE DRY POWDER and SODIUM NITRITE DRY POWDER are each 10000MT. Our company has professional dangerous chemicals warehouse of 20000 square meters and we mainly operate inorganic chemicals, organic chemicals and other dangerous chemicals. We are the biggest chemical logistics enterprises in Weifang and we occupy the leading position in the chemical circulation area in Shandong. 


Properties: white or yellowish crystal, molecular weight: 69.0, specific wt.: 2.168, odorless with slight salty taste, easily soluble in water, m.p.: 271oC, decomposition temperature: 320oC 
Molecular Formula: NaNO2
Molecular Weight: 69.0
CAS NO.: 7632-00-0
Appearance: white or yellowish crystal powder


25kg plastic woven bag, 50kg/500kg/1000kg flexible freight bag, or upon clients' demand.


Used as raw material for the making of nitrocompounds, azo dyes; as mordant for textile dyeing, as metal thermal treatment agent, as electro-plating corrosion inhibitor etc.