Sodium Nitrite Are Exporting To Ukraine, Indonesia, Korea, Pakistan

Yingfengyuan Industrial Group Limited in May 2017, exported of 100 tons sodium nitrite products to Ukraine, marking the company successfully develop the European  market. Our Sodium Nitite and Barium nitrate products have been exported to South Korea, Indonesia, Ukraine, the United States, India, Sri LankaPakistan, and many other countries and regions.

Sodium Nitrite application: used as raw material for the making of nitrocompounds, azo dyes; as mordant for textile dyeing, as metal thermal treatment agent, as electro-plating corrosion inhibitor etc.

In the future, we will continue to provide the core value to the whole industry, explore the channels of importing raw materials, expand the channels of exporting products, provide more satisfactory service for all partners, create more value for the society and realize the dream of more staffs.

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