Sodium Nitrate Dry Powder and Prilled

Our company is the only manufacturer of dry powder sodium nitrate and prilled sodium nitrate. This product is an important chemical raw material, widely quoted in glass, dye, metallurgy, medicine and other industries. 

Specifications: It is colorless transparent or yellowish diamond crystal with slight bitter taste; easily easily soluble in water, liquid ammonia, slightly soluble in glycerol and ethanol. Density: 2.257(20oC), relative molecular weight: 84.99. m.p.: 306oC, b.p.: 380oC. 
Molecular Formula: NaNO3
Molecular Weight: 84.99
CAS NO.: 7631-99-4

Use: It is used as fluxing medium for enamel industry; as decolorizer, defoamer and clarifying agent for glass industry. Sodium nitrate is also used for dyes, medical and agricultural industry.