Sodium Gluconate Used To Concrete Additive

Sodium Gluconate used to Concrete additive

Spot supply concrete additive of sodium gluconate
Sodium gluconate: white to light yellow crystalline particles.


Brand: YFY Sodium Gluconate

other types: industrial grade

ingredients: starch

color: white or yellowish crystal

body odor: colorless

density: water 218.4g/cm3

solution of: 100% for

content: 0.15-0.5% maximum

operating temperature: 209 DEG C

shelf life: 365days 

packaging specifications: 25kg bags

admixture: condensate corrosion agent


1. For the purpose of water quality stabilizer;

2. For surface cleaning agent for iron and steel;

3. For special cleaning agent for glass bottle.

4. Used as cement admixture.

5.Can be used for electroplating, film manufacturing and other industrial fields, in short, a very wide range of uses.