Qingdao YingFengYuan Industrial Has Sucessfully Launched New Product

Recently, our company has officially launched premium-grade barium hydroxide monohydrate powder and formally carried out the sales promotion. 

    Barium hydroxide monohydrate is mainly used as superfinished multi-purpose additive for the lubricant of internal-combustion engine and for barium-based grease and oil. It can also be used in beet sugar manufacture, medicine, plastic, rayon, demineralization of water and other barium salt manufacture. Barium hydroxide monohydrate powder is well received by customers for its significant chemical reactivity, uniform distribution and chemical characteristics of low strontium and low iron. As soon as the product appeared on the market, numerous enterprises have reached cooperation intents with us.

    Our barium salts and strontium salts are highly praised in the market. The launch of this new product enriches our barium hydroxide monohydrate category and enhances the comprehensive competitiveness of products. “To concentrate on details and quality” is our starting point. And we aspire to be “the world leading supplier of barium, manganese and strontium compounds”. We come from the market and devote to production. Besides, we will continuously promote study process, improve product quality and provide long-term stable, high-quality and efficient products and service for customers.