Introduction Of Bismuth Chloride

Generally speaking, barium chloride refers to anhydrous barium chloride, because barium chloride is very easy to absorb water, that is, it has crystal water, so it should be sealed and stored. Barium chloride and anhydrous barium chloride are used in many applications, including analytical reagents, dehydrating agents, barium salts, and industries such as electronics, instrumentation, and metallurgy. It is also used in the manufacture of other cerium salt materials such as cerium hydroxide, cerium nitrate, cerium carbonate and the like.

In addition, barium chloride is also widely used in paper making, dyes, rubber, plastics, ceramics, oil refining, petrochemicals, metal heat treatment and chlor-alkali industrial desalinated water in the internal packaging of 25kg, 50kg or ton bags.