Industrial Grade Sodium Nitrite 98.5%

Sodium Nitrite NaNO2 98.5% - 99% 

Shandong Sodium Nitrite

the largest manufacture of sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate in China.


Sodium Nitrite CAS No.: 7632-00-0

Other Names: Sodium Salts

Place of Origin: Shandong, China

Grade Standard: Industrial Grade

Purity: 98.5%, 98.5%~99%

Appearance: White Crystal

Application: Industry

Brand Name: Hailan

Color: Yellowish-white

HS CODE: 283 410 0000

PACK: 25kg/500kg/1000kg/1100kg

Shipping: 20 FT container: 20MT or 22 MT with pallets; or 25 MT without pallets.

bags with palltes

sodium nitrite in container_副本