Identification Of True And False Identification Of Artificial Stone And Natural Stone

Artificial stone, natural stone is currently used more, for example: the ground, walls, cabinets are in use, natural stone advantage: more beautiful, hard texture, feel cold, anti scratch, high temperature performance is very prominent, belongs to the most cost-effective, more traditional material. The advantage of artificial stone: arbitrary length seamless splicing, the adhesive after being polished, two pieces of mosaic that is seamless, overall shape, smooth lines, no trace of seams and repeatedly sanding renovated. Below the stone net small series will introduce some skills for you.

Artificial stone

1, look at the surface quality. Quality of the table plate positive, cross section, and on the back of the species is consistent, and no stomatal, color uniformity, smoothness and brightness is very high, and poor quality table may not up to.

2, try to feel. The superior quality of the panel feels smooth and delicate touch, silk feel, without acerbity feeling, no obvious uneven feeling; and the poor quality of the panel for filling material density is not the same, mesa will appear slightly rough.

3 smell. Burn small pieces of sample with matches or lighters, although the quality of the top of the table will also have a little bit of smell, but will not be very obvious; the quality of the table will have a very bad smell, but will have a little bit of burning.

4, hardness test. Can be used to carry the hard objects (such as keys, knives, etc.) on small samples, the quality of the table panels should be a marked light and not obvious; and the poor quality of the table is very obvious to see the marks.

5, check the product has no authority to detect the green environmental certification, quality certification, quality inspection report and the manufacturer's commitment, etc..

6, heat resistance. If under the conditions permit, you can bring home a mesa samples will heat the pot put in the top a few minutes, the good quality table because its heat resistance is better, and therefore will not change color; and poor quality of table will be roasted yellow.

Natural stone

Listen to, that is, listen to the sound of natural stone. Generally speaking, the good quality of natural stone its percussion sound crisp sweet; on the contrary, if there is a natural stone internal micro cracks or due to weathering lead to contact between the particles become loose, then knock the sound of the dumb.

Two test, that is, using a simple test method to test the quality of natural stone. Usually in natural stone back drop of a small grain of ink, such as the ink quickly spread around the leaching, that loose or gap exists in the internal particles of natural stone, stone material quality is bad; on the contrary, if the ink drops fixed in situ, stone dense texture (this and ceramic tile is very similar).

Three observation, that is, the visual observation of the surface structure of natural stone.

In general, the fine texture of natural stone material has a delicate texture, which is a natural stone material. The appearance of coarse grain and unequal grain structure is poor, and the mechanical properties are not uniform.

In addition, the impact of natural stone due to the geological effects of some minor cracks, natural stone most prone to rupture along these sites, should pay attention to remove. As for the lack of edges and corners is more beautiful, you should pay attention to the choice.