High Quality Competitive Price NaNO3 Sodium Nitrate

Industrial sodium nitrate

Ministry of chemical industry, high-quality products in ShanDong Province
Chemical formula: NaCO3
Exceutive standard: GB/T 4553-2002
Appearance: white fine crystal

sodium nitrate crystal powder 1.jpg

ItemExcellent productsFirst classQualified product
Sodium nitrate(NaNO3)%(dry basis) ≥99.799.398.5
Chloride(NaCl)%(dry basis) ≤0.250.30-
Sodium nitrite(NaNO2)%(dry basis) ≤
Sodium carbonate(Na2NO2)%(dry basis) ≤0.050.10-
Moisture content % ≤
Insoluble substance in water % ≤0.030.06-
Iron content (Fe) % ≤0.005--

Application: used in the manufacture of potassium nitrate, explosives, dye raw materials, can also be used as defoaming agents, bleaching agents, preservatives and other.
Packing and storage: the lined with polyethylene film bags, coats. Net weight 50kg per bag.