100 Tons Sodium Nitrite Products To Bangladesh

Yingfengyuan Industrial Group Limited in Dec 2017, exported of 100 tons sodium nitrite products to Bangladesh, marking the company successfully develop the Bangladesh market. Our sodium nitrite chemicals have been exported to South Korea, Indonesia, Ukraine, Vietnam, the United States, India, Pakistan, and many other countries and regions.


It is mainly used as the raw material of production of nitro compound and azo dyes etc. It is also used as mordant and bleacher for fabric dyeing, as well as metal heat treatment agent, early-strength admixture and antifreeze of cement.

Packaging & Storage  

1.In 25KG/50KG/1000KG net weight packing in PP/PE bag, or customized package available upon request.

2. This product shall be stored in the place where keep ventilation and dry against rain, heated and insolation under sunlight.

3. This product shall not be delivered or stored together with strong reducing agent, inflammable and detonatable substances, foods, feed, and additives.

4. This product is venomousness. Please keep it safely. Don’t eat it mistakenly.

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