Barium Nitrate Crystal

Barium Nitrate Crystal
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Yingfengyuan Industrial Group Limited is one of the leading China barium nitrate crystal manufacturers and suppliers, equipped with professional factory, we are able to offer you best and cheap barium nitrate crystal products.


 Barium  Nitrate: 
 1.Industrial Barium Nitrate 99.3% up 
 2.Low content of Chloride at 0.02% 
 3.White crystal 
 4.Anti caking

Packaging Details:

25kgs woven plastic bag padded with vinyl bag

Delivery Detail:

in 10 days for 100Mts

Barium Nitrate
Nature:  White crystal powder or  particle ,specific gravity is 3.24 (23), melting point is 592.It is decomposed into oxides in combustion and gives out green flares.It is noxious.

Applications: Used to manufacture barium oxide  and barium peroxide,optical glass,pottery glazes,and used as  explosives,additives for combustion,green-color fireworks,signal flares and  flame tracers,also used in antisepsis,chemical agents and medication.And  sometimes it is also used in low-temperature salt bath for metal heat  treatment.